Nothing is Impossible – new Conference Speakers

In previous newsletters, I have written about a number of keynote speakers, but these two speakers both entrepreneurs and philanthropists will enlighten you with their model for success.

Frank Aloysius Costa AO  is a famous Geelong icon has built his Family’s produce company to the largest service wholesaler of fruit & vegetables in the country with operations in five major states into a $100million company. With a few business blunders over the years, nothing was impossible and in 1998, he became president of the Geelong Football Club.

Marcus Veerman CEO and Founder of Playground Ideas struck it lucky being born in Melbourne, which has been voted the world’s most liveable city. His favourite play-space growing up was a den in the hollowed-out roots of an old tree. With a background in primary education, outdoor leadership, and design-build learning, Marcus spearheaded the construction of 40 bespoke playgrounds along the Thai/Burma border. He then went on to respond to a wave of interest in international playground building by creating an open-source platform to share best practices. Demand for his services has taken him to Asia, Africa, The Middle East and South America to facilitate playground construction, consult on projects and train teams of playground builders.

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John Pohl
District Governor